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When do I need a contract? What is an LLC? A DBA? And does it have bacon on it?
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Stodgy law office with a fish tank not part of your scene? Let’s look at other ways we can get your business set up for success. Let’s protect your modern brand because you LOVE IT. Let’s have you trade the stress and worry you might feel from THIS day until the day you finally do something about those contracts, that business incorporation, that copyright stuff… let’s GET STUFF DONE.

Melanie Burk Graphic Designer

Britt can make people understand boring stuff. It’s a real gift. And we all need to understand this stuff better!

Ashley Mitchell Big Tough Girl

Oh my goodness!!!  I am in tears!  This is just so awesome and I am so thankful for you…for helping me make my dreams come true for this amazing work!

Alison Faulkner The Alison Show

Just because I make dance videos doesn’t mean I don’t take my business seriously! I tell anyone who has a legal question — call my girl Britt — she will take care of you. 

What if you already dialed in your business structure and contracts — how about some help with the new FTC disclosure rules?

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Do you need an LLC?

This week's episodes dives into all things LLC (yeah you know me!) and explains why you need some more sand buckets in your life and your business. You will learn: What is an LLC --  (e.g. too much time has passed and you can't ask someone about for fear you will get...

5 Legal Docs Your Website Needs

You've seen the "Legal" section on websites footer -- but what exactly is supposed to be on there? While working on mood boards, font pairings and styled photos is the fun part of website management, maintaining a strong legal foundation for your website can help you...

5 Tips to Beat Impostor Syndrome (and cover your butt legally)

Every heard about impostor syndrome? Impostor syndrome is when high achieving persons are unable to internalize their own accomplishments. I’ve been hearing more and more about this feeling of inadequacy, especially in the online business realm. This phenomenon, the...

5 Legal Tips for Life Coaches

Coaching has exploded across the internet with the rise of better video chat software and coaches are selling their expertise and support in dozens of areas. However, remote or virtual coaching in any subject matter puts you squarely in the frontier of unlicensed and...

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