This week on Law and Wit, we dive into NEGOTIATION.

Boom — there it is. Whether you love it or hate it or have had your fill because of bedtime book lists that can rival a college syllabus…you can’t deny it’s a critical skill to have in your entrepreneur toolbox. I dive deep with Paul Leonard, a media broker who wheeled and dealed in more than $7 billion dollars worth of media transactions during the 1990s. He then retired at 39 and has spent the last decade and a half golfing, helli-sking, paragliding, and looking very official in his home “office.” He is also happens to be my Dad and shares my love of peanut butter, a good book, and sarcasm.

In this episode you will learn:

  • how to get over negotiation intimidation
  • the steps to take before and during a negotiation for success
  • how to read body language during a negotiation
  •  And the biggest rookie mistake my dad learned as a young buck from a clever man with a slow drawl…

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