I know that seems like a bit of SEO stuffing in that title but WOW — you HAVE to listen to this episode. Amazing stuff. Noelle, who I happened to know before she shot up the creative corporate ladder, does a big reveal on what it is like to manage a global luxury brand — actually 5 different brands — and what happens inside the strategy room for a luxury hospitality brand, beautiful cityscapes and all.

You will learn about:

  • the 2 things that make a GOOD brand
  • Some examples of who is not getting this right — and why
  • Some great examples of authentic and engaging creative brands and why they are able to connect with their audience
  • How you do the “marketing of marketing” to communicate brand vision to your team members
  • what brand architecture is and how make your own
  • a complete walk-through of a innovation strategy session with one of the leading creative agencies in the country

PLUS — Noelle shares her biggest peeves from bloggers/influencers who reach out want to collaborate for travel campaigns and how to setup a successful relationship with a big luxury brand..




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