Brittany Ratelle

Attorney for Creative Entrepreneurs

I’m going to be completely honest with you — I’m an attorney. Cue the law and order sound effects.

But — hear me out — I’m also a mother, a creative, an unashamed car singer and advocate for female entrepreneurs. And, I think I can solve some of your problems. I have a background in communication, business, law, Lord of the Rings mythology,  and love seeing new businesses succeed, especially cool ones…because I’m not like a normal lawyer…I’m a cool lawyer.

I get that your creative business is personal and that going to a stodgy law office is not part of your deal. Attorneys are boring. And their bills are scary. (except we’re not — do you know what is scary? grocery shopping with my four children…)

But, whether the only thing you peddle is your influence, or your store is in the cloud but your feet are in a bookkeeping swamp or you are curious whether an LLC comes with bacon  — are you really going to set up an appointment with a attorney to ‘discuss’ your business for some unknown fee?

NO! So what do you do? Close you eyes and sign your contracts on a wish and a prayer? Borrow something from a friend that fell off a legalzoom truck somewhere and hope for the best? Send out good vibes into the universe and manifest yourself a risk management policy????

LET’S BE REAL! And let’s get stuff done. (all the hashtags, cue sassy stiletto bosslady pic)

Let’s get your business setup, protected, and nurtured so that it can grow as big as your dreams, without breaking the bank or you in the process.

Let’s get you some contracts so that you can set clear expectations for YOURSELF and for those who work with you. If that kind of foresight and honesty is too much for someone —  let them go. You’ve got things to do and chasing down your money after you’ve had 27 rounds of edits on a logo project isn’t one of them. Let’s do a website audit so we can make sure your public presence complies with the most recent privacy, copyright, and technology laws. For heaven’s sake, let’s make sure your sponsored content guidelines comply with Federal Trade Commission and that you won’t be getting an advisory letter from them like…well…someone who rhymes with Tim Tardashian.

Let’s protect your business because you LOVE IT  — and you are ready to walk into the bright unknown with your head high and your heels sharp. (another shoe reference?? I blame my mother)

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