Law and Wit Episode 10: Copyrights vs. Trademarks

This Intellectual Property 101 tutorial will walk you through the basics in copyrights vs. trademarks and how they most commonly used to protect your original content. Lock these two different tools down so you can go your own IP audit of where you may be leaving some of your original assets on the table. You will learn:

  • what is a copyright?
  • does the (c) symbol mean anything?
  • how do you register a copyright and does it make a difference?
  • what kind of things should you copyright?
  • what is a trademark?
  • can trademarks only protect words or logos?
  • what if I already have a domain name or a business registration? do I need a copyright or trademark?
  • what is the risk in not pursuing infringers?

Want to know more about copyright infringement and how you can “steal like a creative”? Read my post about using movie/song quotes in your businessĀ here.