Law and Wit Episode 19: Legalize your E-commerce Site in 6 Steps

Get the 6-step plan to legalize your indie e-commerce site or Etsy shop so you can run your online product business with confidence and avoid the most common legal mistakes of small business e-retailers.

You will learn:

  1. If you should Incorporate or register your business (refers to L&W episode 6)

  2. How to do a basic clearance of your business name (L&W episode 10 — more info coming on trademarks!)

  3. What legal statements/information you need on your site (L&W episode 4) for FYI & CYA

  4. Setting up proper content ownership policies/copyright workflow with your assets and communicating that to your user

  5. Email –  what you need to know to use email effectively AND legally as at outbound marketing tool

  6. Some tips for product liability issues, especially children’s products (this is something you will want to consult a local attorney on — ESPECIALLY if you live in the great make-new-law-all-the-time state of CA)

And all the nitty-gritty in between!

Transcript  HERE

Handouts — COMING SOON

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