Law and Wit Epi. 29: Living with Real Comfort and Joy with the Paper Dolls

Do you know what isn’t always comfortable? Going for your dreams. Like sell-your-house, load your knapsack into a bus and hit the road with your family band kind of discomfort. This episode gives a behind-the-scenes look at an incredibl talented quartet of sisters, the Paper Dolls, (previously known as the Red Head Express) and their creative musical journey across the American landscape. With performances in all 50 states, 11 years of singing together and more than 3,000 shows — these sisters have some hard-won insight about that special sweet spot where comfort and growth meet (and it probably doesn’t involve the tour bus that now houses their whole 11+ person touring crew, including spouses and babies!!)

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How do get going with something scary
  • Tips for working in a business with your family
  • What is was like to live and work in Branson and Nashville
  • How to listen to your gut when someone wants you to change
  • What is was like to sing at the White House
  • Tips for filling your creative well and to keep your art fresh and genuine
  • PLUS ++ The hi’s and low’s of being in the modern music business!!
  • BONUS — you get to listen to some of Roots, and ALL of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen — their fabulous new Christmas hit  (watch out Mannheim Streamroller…your Christmas fireworks show may be getting some fresh tunes…)


Paperdolls Main Site

Also find them on: Facebook // YouTube // Instagram // Patreon


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