Law & Wit Epi. 31: Accounting tips for Creatives with the Designer CPA Peter Lang

Make friends with your numbers in this episode with Peter Lang, a CPA who specializes in working with creatives, designers, and online entrepreneurs.  Peter, a 17-year veteran accountant digs into the most common myths and problems he sees creative making, and how getting a handle on your numbers can do more than just simplify tax time. 

In this episode of Law & Wit, you will learn: 

When should a creative professional/designer entrepreneur find an accountant? How do you find a good one? What questions should you be asking to see if someone will “get” your business?
What are some of the challenges in DIY-ing the finances of your business — or DIYing it past a certain point?
What are the pros and cons of just using accounting software on your own?
Why is waiting until the 11th hour before the tax deadline a less-than-stellar financial strategy? What are creatives missing out on?
What are the most common mistakes you see creatives professionals make in handling their finances?
When is the right time to switch to being taxed as an S-corp — or what questions do you like to walk clients through at that juncture?
PLUS — Peter’s TOP 3 accounting tips!

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