Law & Wit Episode 32: 6 Tips to Improve Client Relationships

Want some help in landing good clients? Avoiding bad ones? And keeping the ones you have happy??! 

Dive into this week’s episode of Law and Wit: Creative Counsel for Entrepreneurs as we explore 6 Tips for Improving Client Relationships.

Whether you love ’em (or want to leave ’em) — clients are the lifeblood of a creative service business — so let’s figure out how we can spot troublesome clients (BEFORE YOU SIGN THAT CONTRACT) and how to have a good working relationship during your project. 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • 4 tips for spotting a tough client! (hint…you should trust your gut!!)
  • How a solid contract/client service agreement can clarify the project guidelines (AND COVER YOUR BUTT!!)
  • The one thing you CANNOT do — even when something goes wrong….
  • And how to break up with your client — as in NEVER, EVER, getting back togethhhhhher…..
  • How to get testimonials from client (hint — a clear legal release like THIS will help you get ALL the rights you need to share that social proof FAR AND WIDE) 


Client Service Agreement Template for Creative Service Providers

Testimonial Release

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