Law and Wit Episode 34: Where do I start?

Are you ready to get your creative business legit but don’t know WHERE to start? What needs to come first? And how you are supposed to make sense of this alphabet-soup of advice you are seeing swirling around FB groups, Google and podcasts? This special episode is the first segment in a new series about Business Legal Systems — the bedrock business and legal foundations you need to address when building your modern business. 

In this flagship episode, you will learn: 

  • How to know if you are a “real business”
  • The first money plans you need to make
  • How to properly set up your payment processors (Stripe/Paypal, etc)
  • What and EIN is — and you can get one
  • What is an LLC — ++ when you need to set one up, how you do that, and what to spend your money and what to DIY
  • How to pick a good business name


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Full Shownotes: 

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IRS EIN online application (** it has hours..I know…lamest thing ever…so don’t leave this to your nighttime solopreneur to-do list!)

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