Branding Do’s and Don’ts with Designer Melanie Burk

Melanie Burk started college planning on getting a degree in accounting. That didn’t last long! She eventually switched to graphic design, something she knew little about. And, even though a college professor told her she wouldn’t be successful, she made her own path and has been wildly successful.

Melanie dabbled in several different areas of design before finding her exact niche. But, since she did, she has worked with large brands and big products. She’s not only a designer but an entrepreneur as well. She is one of the brains behind the new social platforms, Prixm, which removes the bummer aspects of social media and focuses on sharing people stories.  

Mel is also a wife and mother of 5 adorable kiddos! She has amazing advice about everything from failure to finding balance in your daily life. You are going to love her — we PROMISE. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How failure can be used as a turning point and stepping stone (wait ’til you hear Melanie’s stories about what her early design career looked like!)
  • How personal passion projects can help you get unstuck in your creativity
  • The importance of incorporating your “story” and your “why” in your branding
  • What to pay for when branding and what to skip out on!
  • The importance of finding beauty in the chaos as a creative entrepreneur and mother
  • Why you need to shift your focus to daily balance
  • Branding tips to help your business shine


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