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I’m not a regular lawyer…I’m a “cool” lawyer.

And if a stodgy law office with a fish tank is NOT part of your scene — then you’ve come to the right place. 

Melanie Burk Graphic Designer

Britt can make people understand boring stuff. It’s a real gift. And we all need to understand this stuff better!

Ashley Mitchell Big Tough Girl

Oh my goodness!!!  I am in tears!  This is just so awesome and I am so thankful for you…for helping me make my dreams come true for this amazing work!

Alison Faulkner The Alison Show

Just because I make dance videos doesn’t mean I don’t take my business seriously! I tell anyone who has a legal question — call my girl Britt — she will take care of you. 

What if you already dialed in your business structure and contracts — how about some help with the new FTC disclosure rules?

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