Becoming a More Mindful Entrepreneur with Kim Christenson of Talk Wordy to Me + Loom Journals

Becoming a more mindful entrepreneur with Kim Christenson of Talk Wordy to Me + Loom Journals

Apr 19, 2019

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As a creative entrepreneur and just a person, there are a lot of things fighting for your attention. There’s family, marketing, sales, and [fill in your own list of tasks]. It doesn’t take long to feel overwhelmed by it all. Enter Kim Christensen from Talk Wordy to Me. She’s a freelance writer, journalist, and a book-loving mama. She mixes writing and mindfulness for a really unique perspective that every entrepreneur can benefit from.


Kim started journaling at the age of five, which sparked a love for writing that she has held onto ever since. She’s the co-founder of Loom Journal which helps to inspire the parent-child connection. She also shares great book recommendations online and loves using social media and technology for good.

Creative Counsel Episode 39 


In this episode, you will learn

• A mindfulness definition for the everyday mom and creative
• The benefit of journaling and putting pen to paper instead of only using technology
• What any person can do to improve their writing skills
• The importance of reading what you are writing out loud
• Three places to look when you want to outsource your writing
• The importance of not taking advantage of your friends’ skills and not letting them do the same to you
• Tips on being a mindful entrepreneur
• Tips to improve your content

Episode Links 

Talk Wordy to Me Blog (for reading recommendations + mindfulness tips for children and adults!)


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One thing that I’ve learned is that ‘balance’ can become just another form of perfectionism, and we’re not seeking balance necessarily. We’re seeking to understand that things will be imbalanced and just trusting ourselves to put our effort and time into the things that are important to us at that time. Because what’s important will change.


When you talk about feeling balanced, what you’re really feeling is acceptance of your life being out of balance.


We have to become ok with letting some things go. We can do anything we want, but we can’t do everything.


Mindfulness isn’t this new trend even though it’s a buzzword now. Mindfulness is in each of us already. It’s not like it’s some new thing you have to learn… it’s just refamiliarizing yourself with yourself. And with the things that help you slow down and feel like yourself and feel whole. It’s just bringing back awareness into what you do and what you think.


When we are engaging with technology we are disconnecting from ourselves, intuition, and the people around us. So mindfulness teaches us to be fully present.


Mindfulness can go a long way to living the life you want instead of letting life just happen to you.


In order to improve your writing, you write. That’s all. It doesn’t even matter where you start or what you write.


It’s not about being a good writer or not. It’s about expressing yourself. So, if you can be true to what those feelings are and expressing those, that’s all you need to be a writer. The grammar and all that stuff, that’s so secondary to being a good writer. It’s just being unafraid to express your true self and your true thoughts.


Just be you. People can tell when you’re being you or when you’re being a brand in the boring salesy sense of the word.


Don’t take advantage of your friends who have a skill set just because they love it and are succeeding in it.


Be okay with imperfection and start before you are ready and before you think you have it altogether. Starting is the hardest part. You just have to start where you are with what you have and give what you can. It doesn’t have to be everything.



1. Be ok with imperfection. Starting is the hardest part and that’s why you need to get started before everything is perfect, otherwise you won’t do it at all. So many people get stuck behind the starting line because of fear and comparison. Stop waiting to have it all together and just get started.

2. Don’t get caught up in what other people think. You can’t allow yourself to worry about what other people are thinking about you, what you’re doing, or how you are doing it. Instead, focus on what you love and people will feed off your passion. This allows you to find your people that have the same passions as you.

3. Get comfortable with discomfort. Discomfort is not a bad thing. You need to start seeing fear and questions as good signs that you are on the right path. It means you are stepping out of your comfort zone and this is what leads to growth both personally and professionally.



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