Ready to jump into every creative entrepreneur’s favorite topic—pricing? It’s one of those sticking points that a lot of creatives and designers get hung-up on. You don’t want to charge too much and not be able to build your business. But you don’t want to undercharge and not be able to pay your bills. How […]

Pricing For Creative and Designers

Pricing for Creatives and Designers | Law & Wit: Episode 47 | Brittanyratelle.com
Business Partnerships: 5 Tips for a Good Founder's Agreement


Do you have a business partner or want to go into business with someone? This is your MUST-LISTEN episode to walk you through exactly what questions you must ask each other so that you can be on the same page (literally and figuratively) for your business.   The episode includes 5 Tips (areas) that you’re […]

Law and Wit Epi. 45: Business Partnerships: 5 Tips for a Good Founder’s Agreement


Make friends with your numbers in this episode with Peter Lang, a CPA who specializes in working with creatives, designers, and online entrepreneurs.    Peter, a 17-year veteran accountant digs into the most common myths and problems he sees in creative making, and how getting a handle on your numbers can do more than just […]

Law & Wit Epi. 31: Accounting tips for Creatives with the Designer CPA Peter Lang

Law and Wit Creative counsel for Entrepreneurs - Accounting tips for creatives with Peter Lang