Licensing might not sound that sexy to you, but I bet making a whole bunch of money does. And, licensing can help get you there.   You don’t have to be a starving artist in order to enjoy and feel passionate about your work. You can make money, afford health insurance, and have a retirement […]

Law and Wit Episode 49 – Licensing 101: What You Need to Know as a Creative Entrepreneur

Licensing 101: What You Need to Know as a Creative | brittanyratelle.com


Melanie Burk started college planning on getting a degree in accounting. That didn’t last long! She eventually switched to graphic design, something she knew little about. And, even though a college professor told her she wouldn’t be successful, she made her own path and has been wildly successful.   Melanie dabbled in several different areas […]

Branding Do’s and Don’ts with Designer Melanie Burk


Buckle in for an amazing chat with birth mom advocate and serial entrepreneur Ashley Mitchell of Lifetime Healing and Big Tough Girl! Ashley set out to increase care, understanding, and resources for birth mothers and has walked the WALK.   For almost a decade, she has been one of the most consistent and sought-after birth mother […]

Law and Wit Episode 20: Getting over the WALL With Ashley Mitchell of Lifetime Healing

Law and Wit: Creative Counsel for Entrepreneurs - Getting Over the Wall with Ashley Mitchell of Lifetime Healing - brittanyratelle.com