Do you have a business partner or want to go into business with someone? This is your MUST-LISTEN episode to walk you through exactly what questions you must ask each other so that you can be on the same page (literally and figuratively) for your business.   The episode includes 5 Tips (areas) that you’re […]

Law and Wit Epi. 45: Business Partnerships: 5 Tips for a Good Founder’s Agreement

Business Partnerships: 5 Tips for a Good Founder's Agreement
Where do I start? Legal Tips for creatives 101 - brittanyratelle.com


Are you ready to get your creative business legit but don’t know WHERE to start? What needs to come first? And how you are supposed to make sense of this alphabet-soup of advice you are seeing swirling around FB groups, Google and podcasts?   This special episode is the first segment in a new series […]

Law and Wit Episode 34: Where do I start?


Listen in to this sky-rocketing designer who has built a design company with more than 30 employees in just three short years.   Shea McGee of Studio Mcgee interior design firm and Mcgee & Co. store shares her story of getting started in the design world, despite lacking a degree in interior design. She talks about bringing on […]

Law and Wit Episode 27: Growing a Successful Creative Business with Shea McGee of Studio McGee and McGee & Co

Growing a Successful Creative Business with Shea McGee of Studio Mcgee | LAW AND WIT PODCAST BY BRITTANY RATELLE
What is a DBA? | Law & Wit Podcast by Brittany Ratelle - Attorney for Creative Entrepreneurs


Have you heard or seen DBAs mentioned in contracts or among your business peers and wondered whether you are one of if you need one? Or whether it’s the right fit for your business?   Dig into this episode and finally get some clarity about this alphabet soup mumbo-jumbo acronym that gets tossed around like […]

Law and Wit Episode 26: What is a DBA?


Get the 6-step plan to legalize your indie e-commerce site or Etsy shop so you can run your online product business with confidence and avoid the most common legal mistakes of small business e-retailers.   Creative Counsel Episode 19 In this episode, You will learn If you should Incorporate or register your business (refers to […]

Law and Wit Episode 19: Legalize your E-commerce Site in 6 Steps

Law and Wit Episode 19 - brittanyratelle.com


Tune in for 6 things you can do to elevate your business this year! Whether you are an influencer, digital business owner, graphic designer, photographer, or run a product business with a heavy online presence   I’ll be diving into registering your business as an LLC, what kind of contracts you might need, running your […]

Law and Wit Episode 8: Six Business Resolutions to Rock the New Year


This week’s episode dives into all things LLC (yeah you know me!) and explains why you need some more sand buckets in your life and your business. Creative Counsel Episode 6   In this episode, You will learn What is an LLC —  (e.g. too much time has passed and you can’t ask someone about […]

Law and Wit Podcast: Episode 6 – Do you need an LLC?