4 Mistakes to Avoid Before Filing an LLC What are the big mistakes you want to avoid before registering for your LLC (limited liability company)? If you are an online business owner, you have plenty to worry about, and messing up your business corporation is not on that list. Here are the 4 mistakes to […]

4 Mistakes to Avoid Before Filing an LLC

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how to legally hire a contractor for your business. www.brittanyratelle.com


How to Hire an Independent Contractor  Are you ready for some extra help in your business, but not sure how? This is a major milestone which is exciting but can also be a little scary–especially when legal terms start getting tossed around. All you want is for someone to help you stay organized in your […]

How to Hire an Independent Contractor 


Which is Better for Your Online Business-LLC or S-Corp? If you’re new to owning an online business, you probably have many questions–including how to become legally legit and make the most out of your work. But first of all, good for you for starting! You are well on your way to making your business dreams […]

Which is Better for Your Online Business-LLC or S-Corp?

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how to pay yourself from your llc. www.brittanyratelle.com


How to Pay Yourself From Your LLC   Have you ever wondered how to pay yourself fairly in an LLC? If you own a business and are your own boss, you’ve most likely set up an LLC (Limited Liability Company). There’s a very specific way that you should delegate money to make sure that you’re preserving […]

How to Pay Yourself From Your LLC 


So someone owes you money and you want to make sure you can get it back. Stay tuned because I’m going to walk you through my five-step battle plan to make sure you can recover your hard-earned cash as a small business owner. I’m attorney for creative entrepreneurs, Brittany Ratelle, and I’m here to help […]

Someone Owes You Money! Business Attorney’s 5-Step Plan!

Someone Owes You Money? A Five Step Plan for Getting Paid
Licensing 101. - must-know licensing terms


 I’m Brittany Ratelle, attorney for online business owners. I’m so excited to have you here. I help business owners just like you get legally legit so they can show up and own their business in every sense of the word. We’re going to talk about the world of licensing. Welcome to Licensing 101 – must-know […]

Licensing 101 – Must-know licensing terms


How to Negotiate/Redline a Contract Like a Lawyer  I’m attorney Brittany Ratelle, and I am a lawyer for online business owners just like you. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get legally legit so that they can show up with more confidence in their businesses. I’ve helped creators, creatives, e-commerce owners, Etsy shops, influencers, bloggers, […]

How to Negotiate/redline a Contract Like a Lawyer

Contract Negotiating Made Simple - Learn How to Negotiate Without an Attorney!
Do you need a sole proprietorship for your online business? What is an LLC?


I’m Brittany Ratelle, an attorney for online business owners, just like you. I’m here to help you get legally legit and to help you show up as a more confident entrepreneur. We are going to walk through the differences between LLCs, DBAs, sole proprietorships, and a whole lot of other alphabet soup. How do I […]

Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC: Which one is the right choice for my online business?


Do you own (or want to start) a freelancer business where you offer 1:1 services to clients?  Here is your guided checklist to get this specific type of modern business legally buttoned down:   # 1 – Protect the client service relationship = your main revenue stream  Hands down, the most CRITICAL piece of legal protection […]

How to legally start a freelance business: Service Provider Business Legal Checklist

How to legally start a freelance business: checklist for online service based businesses
How to start (and fix) business partnerships with Sara Urquhart


Join me and seasoned entrepreneur Sara Urquhart as we share stories (good and bad) about business partnerships and give you the tips you need to make smart business partnership decisions. Sarah spells out the critical questions that you should ask yourself when you are deciding whether to go solo, or bring on a partner, and […]

How to start (and fix) your business partnership with Sara Urquhart