Top 10 Legal Mistakes New Businesses Make

Apr 5, 2022


Want to avoid some of the most common legal mistakes that new business owners make? Wondering how you can skip over some unnecessary frustration, worry, overwhelm or costly fixes that come from starting a new business and wanting your legal foundations to be solid?

Creative Counsel Episode 66


In this episode, you will learn

  • The most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make
  • What you need to do to actually pick a solid business name
  • How to use other people’s content
  • The trouble with taxes and ignoring them
  • What “business prenup” you need if you have a partner
  • What needs to be on in your website footer
  • What contracts you need and how you can negotiate anything
  • When you need an NDA or non-disclosure agreement
  • How to properly manage legal risk but also don’t be crippled by as an entrepreneur (there’s a healthy balance!)



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