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Is AI Better Than an Attorney?

Jun 3, 2023


Is AI Better Than an Attorney?

Have you ever wondered how artificial intelligence can help you in your online business? Maybe you’ve jumped on the bandwagon and have plunged into using AI to write your content. Or maybe you’re on the other side of the spectrum where you’ve been hesitant to try it because you feel it’s unethical. No matter where you fall, you are going to get some good insight right here. So, is AI better than an attorney? In other words, should you use AI instead of an attorney to draft contracts for your business? 



AI is an incredible tool that has been released to us–especially as online business owners who are creating content all of the time. But is it safe, professional, or even legal to use these AI tools to help promote your products? I did a little research and tested it out myself with ChatGPT and here’s what I discovered. 



What kind of attorney would I be if this didn’t have a disclaimer? I’m a licensed attorney and I practice in Utah and Idaho. I am not your attorney. This is not official legal advice. If you have any questions, please consult with a legal professional in your jurisdiction.



Is AI Better Than an Attorney?

While ChatGPT is having its moment this year where tons of people are using it, there’s something to keep in mind. And that’s to use ChatGPT as a tool to help improve your content creation, not replace it. You have this unique human element that you bring to every single piece of content you create and that is something ChatGPT cannot replicate. 



is ai better than an attorney? www.brittanyratelle.com



Biz Legal  Tip: Under U.S. Copyright Law, you cannot protect the copyright for any work that is not created by a human. For example, someone recently tried to submit a copyright registration for a graphic novel. They got approved and celebrated what a huge deal it was for them to get approved when most of it was created by AI. They shared this information as part of a big PR deal and once the word got out, the Copyright Office got back to them and revoked the protection they just extended. 


With this copyright law, make sure that you are adding a human touch to any work you produce using AI so it really is yours and not something the computer told you to say. Please, be careful when using AI and know the limits of what it can do for you! The last thing you want is to be in trouble with the law in some way simply because you copied and pasted something from AI and used it as your own without adding your personal touch to it. 



AI Question #1: How do you use AI to draft a contract for your business?

There is definitely a role that AI can play in drafting your business contracts. You can use it to give you a starting point for the type of contract you want to create. For example, you can type in the search bar on ChatGPT to “draft a contract between [party 1] and [party 2] for consideration in a [certain jurisdiction].” And you can decide what the names of the two parties and jurisdiction will be depending on the type of contract it is.


You could also tell ChatGPT to write you a demand letter, liability waiver, payment letter, cease and desist, etc. Just to test out ChatGPT I told it to write a liability waiver for an in-person sewing class for teens. It actually did a pretty good job. I will say the more specific you are, the better results ChatGPT will give you. 


Biz Legal Tip: Trademark vs. Copyright

While we are on the subject, I wanted to throw this legal tidbit at you. Do you know the difference between having your work trademarked or copyrighted? Copyright is what protects your creative works and original creations e.g. audio, video, and text. A trademark protects your branding, assets, logos, catchphrases, and products. 


If most of your work is online and that is how you get your income, you want to make sure you are registering for copyright for your work as often as possible to protect it from someone ripping it off. And you want to do it BEFORE someone uses it. It’s much harder to get approved if you try to register it after the fact. Check out my video HERE that explains more about copyright law! 



everything you need to know about using ai for business contracts. www.brittanyratelle.com




AI Question #2: How do you use AI to review a contract?

Let’s say you received a contract in your business and you have no idea where to start with it. You can actually copy the entire text from the contract and paste it into ChatGPT along with some given parameters that will help you review the contract. 


These given parameters could say something like, “Review the following contract and the purpose of the contract, the three most important terms, the duration, and the consideration in a bulleted list.” And then paste your contract text in parentheses. Then watch ChatGPT works its magic!


If you try this ChatGPT trick and you are still left with some questions about your contract, you can check out my video HERE where I tell you all the things you need to look for in a legal contract. 


AI Question #3: How do you use AI to explain a contract clause?

You can use AI to explain to you a contract clause in terms and language that you understand. And that way if you need to share this clause with another client or a customer, you will be able to do so in a clear and direct way. 


I did a test using ChatGPT to explain an identification clause as if I was five. And it actually did a pretty decent job! So all you have to do is paste in the clause you want to be explained and add in the parameters of what you want ChatGPT to do with the information. 



Is AI Better Than an Attorney?

So, is AI better than an attorney? I would argue that AI is a pretty powerful tool when it comes to creating and explaining content to you, BUT it’s safe to have a real live attorney that can guide you through obstacles when they come up in your business. AI has its limits and the last thing you want is to be in some legal trouble because AI gave you some misleading or false information. 


So, definitely use AI to enhance your content and make you a better business owner, but do not let it replace the human touch in your business. This is what makes your business so successful! If you liked what you learned here and want to follow me for more tips, you can check out my Instagram HERE



AI tips and tricks for drafting business contracts. www.brittanyratelle.com




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