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The Secret to Working with Big Brands Online

Sep 2, 2023

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The Secret to Working with Big Brands Online


Are you wanting to work with bigger name brands online, but not sure how to do it? There are specific steps to take to start working with them and set it up so you and them come out with a win-win. Here is the secret to working with big brands online–especially if you are a small creator! 



Once you are presented with the opportunity to work with a big brand, signing a contract is usually the next step. There are specific things to look out for in the contract to make sure you know what you are agreeing to. Here’s what to look for when reading over that contract and how to know if it’s ready to sign or if there needs to be some negotiation



What kind of attorney would I be if this didn’t have a disclaimer? I’m a licensed attorney and I practice in Utah and Idaho. I am not your attorney. This is not official legal advice. If you have any questions, please consult with a legal professional in your jurisdiction.


the secret to working with big brands online. www.brittanyratelle.com



Big Brand Working Relationship Secret #1: Check Party Names


The first thing you want to look for in the contract is the correct party names. These will either be in the header and/or the top paragraph of the contract. You also want to make sure the brand has listed your business under the correct name. 


If you have set up an LLC or an S-Corp, you want your correct business title listed on the contract. Do not operate under your own personal name if you have done asset protection (getting an LLC). Doing so will keep you from undermining the fact that you are entering into a business contract rather than a personal contract. 



Big Brand Working Relationship Secret #2: Check for clear payment terms.


Obviously, everyone cares about money. You want to make sure you are going to get paid for doing what you are promising to do for the brand. The payment terms on the contract should be listed very clearly and specifically. 


Biz Legal Pro Tip: Lots of companies will not pay you unless you send them an invoice! Make sure you know if this is something that is required of you when signing that contract to work with a business. 


If it is required to send an invoice for your work you want to find out where to send the invoice and how long the brand will pay you for your services. This information is also known as “net payment terms.” 


You will probably see anywhere between Net 3 and Net 60. This term refers to how many days the company has to pay you out. If you see it listed as Net 90, I want you to redline that. This would mean the company has 90 days to pay you after you send in the invoice. Do not put yourself in that situation–make sure you get paid in a timely manner for the work you are doing. 


You also want to make sure there is really clear language on late fees. There should be a really good incentive for the company to make sure it pays you on time. I’ve actually seen a lot of creators getting stiffed by brands and this can be really scary. Especially if you had to outsource to create the content for them and now you are waiting on this check that does not seem like it’s coming any time soon.



what to do before you sign the contract with a big brand. www.brittanyratelle.com


What can you actually do if they do not pay you? 


As long as the payment terms were clearly listed in the contract you and the brand signed, you can collect attorney’s fees or collection agency fees if you need to make good on that contract and actually enforce the terms.



Big Brand Working Relationship Secret #3: Check on exclusivity.


What I mean when I say exclusivity is if one or both of you are promising to be exclusive. Is the brand expecting you to only work for them? If so, you may want to change your pricing so you can make higher quality work for them as their only content creator. 


If the exclusivity terms are really broad, have the brand narrow it down. Have them name competitors and any other specifics that would make the contract void if it was not upheld by either party.



Big Brand Working Relationship Secret #4: Talk about intellectual property.


If you are a content creator, intellectual property is your money maker. You want to make sure you are always clear on what you are doing and who owns it. In this section of the contract, there should also be mention of media, usage, rights, and copyright. 


Look out for what media rights the brand has. For example, if the company has the rights to boost your post and run it as an ad on Instagram then you want to make sure you are getting compensated for that. 



how to pitch yourself to work with big brands and it be a win-win. www.brittanyratelle.com


Big Brand Working Relationship Secret #5: Go over the asks. 


Have a conversation with the brand about what you’ll be doing, what are the deliverables, and the scope of work. You want these terms to be really, REALLY tight. And it’s because you don’t want to create something and then there be endless rounds of revision. 


To set up this section for success, it’s best if you list out really specifically the work you will do for the brand. For example, you could list out something like:


I will be doing x amount of reels that will be “this” long. I will provide a 60-second YouTube integration, etc. 


The main three things you want to see listed here are the social media platform, the length of the content, and how approval rights are going to work. A lot of companies will want the rights to see your content before it is posted, so they can offer recommendations if needed. Make sure you have your schedule set up, so the draft is done and you’ll still have time to make edits if requested so you can still post it on the planned date. 



the secret weapon for working with big brands as a content creator. www.brittanyratelle.com



Big Brand Working Relationship Secret Weapon!


Want to know the secret to working with big brands online? YOU can be the one to provide a contract for the big brand and content creator business relationship. You do not have to wait for the brand to send you one. And since you’ll have the contract set up, you can use this as a guide to pitch to a brand you want to work with. 


You can reach out to your desired brand and show them what you could offer them and the specifics of what it would look like. This contract will be really persuasive because the brand will be able to see exactly what you can offer them and will be impressed by your plan to carry it out. 


And don’t worry, I created the contract for you! All you have to do is plug in the information that works for you and your business. Check out my brand collaboration deal HERE


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