How to Build a Business for the Life You Want with EMyth VP Tricia Huebner

Mar 23, 2022


Are you stuck working “in” your business and not “on” it? Have you read the EMyth Revisited — or had it on your “list”? Considered one of the most influential business books of all time, EMyth is the Creativentrepeneur Book Club Pick for January and is a classic story that helps business owners “beat” the sobering statistics of small business burnout and failure.


You do not want to miss this special interview with the OG business coaching gurus with guest Tricia Huebner, VP and Head of Coaching at EMyth. Tricia shares her vast entrepreneurial insights from two decades of coaching and leading more than 3,000 entrepreneurship workshops. If you are interested in getting started in setting up systems in your business (even in a company of ONE) and in building a business that you will ACTUALLY love, instead of giving yourself another crappy job — then listen in!


Build a Business for the life you want

Creative Counsel Episode 54


In this episode, you will learn

  • What is the great EMyth and why should it matter to you
  • How do you find out your primary aim and what it does and doesn’t have in it
  • Why systems matter, even in 2020
  • How to get started setting up systems
  • How systems can work for personalized brands or creative professionals
  • What a position agreement is and why you absolutely need them in your business
  • What beliefs do you need to hold onto and which ones do you need to let go
  • How to get the “secret” sauce out of you and onto paper
  • How to pick a good business coach — not just a good coaching salesperson

Episode Links

The EMyth team was super generous in sending over a specially curated resource list:

The E-Myth Revisited: Chapter One download

Free 1-hour Business Coaching Session

How Kolby Moser, owner of Aria Studios, Built the Life She Always Wanted

A Business Owner’s Guide: Transform Your Business With Systems

The Time Management Handbook

Six Steps to Transform Frustrations Into Solutions

Blog: How to stop feeling overwhelmed and get control of your business

Blog: 7 tips every business owner needs to take a real vacation

Blog: Cut the clutter: 3 simple steps to overhaul your inbox



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