Ultimate Legal Checklist- How to Host Events Legally

Mar 18, 2022


How to host events legally? If you plan events or want to plan events for your business or organization — then you need this episode in your life (to be honest, you probably needed it a few Diet Cokes ago).


This episode comes BURSTING with all the real legal issues that can crop up when you are planning an event and breaks them down one-by-one. You can host events and rock then AND do it legally without losing too much money, momentum or sleep. So buckle in and dig in!


Creative Counsel Episode 53

What do I need to understand to host my event legally

  • Why your name matters and how to do a name clearance search
  • The business fundamental steps you CANNOT skip when doing events
  • How to protect your business materials/intellectual property at an event
  • What you need to get in writing and with who you need to hash it all out with
  • How to properly set up legal expectations and professional relationships with sponsors, speakers, and partners/collaborators
  • What liability waivers are really about and what you need in one
  • How to handle media releases for attendees
  • The low-down on insurance
  • Tips for moving forward on licenses/permits
  • AND best practices for health and safety planning and response


PLUS — I put together a free checklist of ALL the above and it is available to DOWNLOAD HERE


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