Licensing might not sound that sexy to you, but I bet making a whole bunch of money does. And, licensing can help get you there.   You don’t have to be a starving artist in order to enjoy and feel passionate about your work. You can make money, afford health insurance, and have a retirement […]

Law and Wit Episode 49 – Licensing 101: What You Need to Know as a Creative Entrepreneur

Licensing 101: What You Need to Know as a Creative | brittanyratelle.com
Copyrights and Copywrongs - What you can and can't protect - Brittanyratelle.com


What can I copyright?    This is the fourth and final episode of the Business Legal Systems series that discusses the things you need to know in getting your creative business up and running right from the get-go. If you want to make sure that all the hard work you’ve invested into your business is protected, […]

Copyrights and Copywrongs – What you Can and Can’t Protect


8 ways to monetize and the mindset shift you need to make them actually happen for your biz Likes, follows, and DMs don’t actually pay the bills — so how do people actually “make money” from creating content — as a blogger, vLogger, Instagrammer, influencer, or other type of content creator? And what tips and […]

Law & Wit Epi. 30: How to Make Money as a Content Creator Without “Selling Out”

How to Make Money as a Content Creator Without "Selling Out" - Law & Wit: Creative Counsel For Entrepreneurs - Brittany Ratelle
Law and Wit episode 24 : 6 ways a trademark can protect your brand | brittanyratelle.com | attorney for creative entrepreneurs


Do you want to know what trademark can protect and why you might need one? Tune in to this episode of Law and Wit: Creative Counsel for Entrepreneurs and learn about federal trademarks and how can they help protect your brand.   This episode from attorney-for-creatives Brittany Ratelle dives into the tips and tricks of […]

Law and Wit Episode 24: 6 Ways a Trademark ® Can Protect your Brand


Get the 6-step plan to legalize your indie e-commerce site or Etsy shop so you can run your online product business with confidence and avoid the most common legal mistakes of small business e-retailers.   Creative Counsel Episode 19 In this episode, You will learn If you should Incorporate or register your business (refers to […]

Law and Wit Episode 19: Legalize your E-commerce Site in 6 Steps

Law and Wit Episode 19 - brittanyratelle.com
Law and Wit episode 16: Using Legal to stay on-brand with attorney caroline J. Fox with Brittany Ratelle - creative counsel for entrepreneurs | brittanyratelle.com


You get TWO awesome attorneys dishing on how legal can help your brand stay on-brand and afloat during the highs and lows of modern business. Learn about how intellectual property, good contracts, and good business “marriages” can keep your creative biz safe   In this episode, you will learn Where to start and get yourself […]

Law and Wit Episode 16: Using Legal to Stay on Brand with Attorney Caroline J. Fox


Mad about copy-cats, rip-offs and digital thieves? Get some clarity and a step-by-step action guide for handling creative theft. Creative Counsel Episode 11 In this episode, you will learn about What is “copying” and what is just “inspired by” How to shift your mindset so that copying affects you LESS The 6-step plan to addressing […]

Law and Wit Episode 11: What to do when people copy your stuff

What to do when people steal your stuff


This Intellectual Property 101 tutorial will walk you through the basics in copyrights vs. trademarks and how they most commonly used to protect your original content. Lock these two different tools down so you can go your own IP audit of where you may be leaving some of your original assets on the table. Creative […]

Law and Wit Episode 10: Copyrights vs. Trademarks


Tune in for 6 things you can do to elevate your business this year! Whether you are an influencer, digital business owner, graphic designer, photographer, or run a product business with a heavy online presence   I’ll be diving into registering your business as an LLC, what kind of contracts you might need, running your […]

Law and Wit Episode 8: Six Business Resolutions to Rock the New Year