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Law and Wit Episode 24: 6 Ways a Trademark ® Can Protect your Brand

Oct 12, 2018

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Do you want to know what trademark can protect and why you might need one? Tune in to this episode of Law and Wit: Creative Counsel for Entrepreneurs and learn about federal trademarks and how can they help protect your brand.


This episode from attorney-for-creatives Brittany Ratelle dives into the tips and tricks of using these registrations to protect the distinct characteristics of your business that may be at risk of getting ripped off, counterfeited, or diluted by other competitors or brands in your particular niche.

Creative Counsel Episode 24


In this episode, you will learn

  • What are the steps in getting a trademark
  • What stoplights have to do with good trademark strategy
  • Why Legaldoom and other online form fillers may be a disaster if you try to DIY a trademark application with a lawyer on your side
  • What the heck is an Office Action and how do you respond to it
  • How trademarks can stop counterfeit goods
  • What can be trademarked
  • How trademarks can be the first (and necessary) step before licensing, franchising, or partnering with others to grow your brand beyond your reach
  • What the difference is between ™ and ® anyway?
  • How much does a trademark cost and about how long does it take to get finalized
  • What questions and prep do you want to have ready when you talk to a trademark/intellectual property attorney


Transcript here


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