Create a Sustainable Career as an Indie Artist

Apr 2, 2022


Tune into this podcast interview with Heidi Luerra, master creative consultant and event planner. For more than 20 years, Heidi has worked with artists of all creative genres. Starting her own clothing line at a young age, she earned her business stripes the hard way.


Over the past decade, Heidi has grown RAW to a worldwide operation in over 80 cities with over 200k artists in the RAW community. She has combined her decade of experience in helping support, critique and launch successful creatives of all types into her best-selling book, “The Work of Art: A No-Nonsense Field guide for Creative Entrepreneurs.

Creative Counsel Episode 64


In this episode you will learn:

  • How she went from a fashion school student to an accidental event producer
  • How to prepare for business opportunities as an independent artist
  • What creatives need to self-educate on, and what they’re already good at
  • How to get over pitching yourself
  • Heidi’s best tips for running a successful event (granted this was all pre-Covid!)
  • What creative pitfalls to avoid and what to embrace as you journey along as a creative entrepreneur

Episode Quotes

“I don’t think we have a problem being creative…I think we need to self-educate on how to build sustainable businesses.”

“Creatives need to figure out exactly what they want.”

“No one can pitch you like you can pitch you.”

“You can start a business — and that’s fantastic for a lot of things — but we need more business education to come with it.”

“There isn’t an app for hard work.”


Heidi Luerra Site

The Work of Art Book

RAW: Natural Born Artists – Showcases returning in 2021

Hatch Planning & Strategy: Boutique Consultancy for creative entrepreneurs



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