When things go WRONG: Cancellations, Rescheduling, and Force Majeure

Mar 25, 2022


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It’s fair to say if you aren’t experiencing some sort of business disruptions today due to the Covid-19 pandemic, that you might experience other force majeure events that will throw a wrench into even the best of plans.

So — what you are supposed to do or refund? And what is smart? Or legal? Or your obligation under the contract? Let’s dig into this episode and find out!


Creative Counsel Episode 57


In the episode, you will learn

  • What does force majeure really mean and how does it affect your business contracts
  • What are the big MYTHS that need to be busted about what force majeure REALLY means
  • How do you reschedule/add an addendum to a contract
  • How do you cancel a contract
  • What other considerations or strategies you might want to use when doing right by your clients AND while keeping healthy business boundaries
  • Some bonus info on the SBA/CARES loans and grants, including the PPP and the EIDL!

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Other resources for economic recovery funds

Emergency loan infographics (for my right-brain folks!!)

Small Business Administration hub for funding options (I recommend getting on their email list and be first to know of any updates, deadlines, changes)

Online PPP application

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