Law and Wit Ep. 13: Ten must-know contract terms for creatives

Mar 9, 2018

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Want to know how what a kill fee is? Or how you protect your right to display creative work in your portfolio? This episode explains the ten most important contract terms that you can’t afford NOT to know, no matter what you do as a creative small business owner or indie entrepreneur.


Trade those shrugs and nervous signatures for some confidence and listen up to this latest episode of Law and Wit: Creative Counsel for Entrepreneurs.

Creative Counsel Episode 13


In This Episode, You will learn

  • What Schwarzenegger would say about contracts
  • If emails are enforceable as contracts (and whether that’s good or bad)
  • What language might change who owns the copyright to original content
  • What work-for-hire means
  • What does indemnify and hold harmless mean and does it matter
  • What do I need in a payment clause
  • Can you have a separate proposal for your services
  • How you can do better client management with timelines



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