Creating Space for Creativity with Miranda Anderson of Live Free Creative

Law and Wit Episode 12: Creating Space for Creativity with Miranda Anderson of Live Free Creative

Feb 11, 2018

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In this episode, Miranda, a maker, adventurer, creative mama, and the blogger behind Live Free Creative Company shares her tips on creating space for creativity and ultimately living a more creative and intentional lifestyle.


Miranda explains how a nurse educator became a maker — then a blogger – and then a content creator for herself and other successful brands. She talks about the giant mindset shifts she had had in embracing “functional minimalism” with her husband and three kids and in being authentic as an influencer and as a consumer of creative content.

Creative Counsel Episode 12


In this episode, you will learn

  • Miranda’s four tips to get “unstuck” in your work
  • How in the world you can be a minimalist with three kids, a dog, and as a crafter/maker
  • Her thoughts on downsizing from her dream 25000 square foot rancher home in Texas to a 1,000 square foot Cape Cod rental house (breaking news — check our Miranda’s new home reno adventure here)
  • What questions Miranda asks herself EVERY time she posts content
  • What being “authentic” and “intentional” really mean to her as a modern influencer and creative

Miranda also talks about ALT summit (how it changed her career path, but in a way you wouldn’t expect!!)


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