GDPR for online entrepreneurs - 5 step guide from Law and Wit podcast

Law and Wit Episode 15: GDPR for Online Entrepreneurs – 5 Step Guide

May 8, 2018

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How does the GDPR apply to an US-based business operating online? Find out in this no-nonsense 5-step guide to getting your online activities compliant before the May 25th deadline.

Learn why the GDPR matters to you, even if you are a US-based business and how to avoid paying some of the hefty fines involved with breaching new data and privacy regulations.


Creative Counsel Episode 15


In this episode, you will learn

  • How to obtain consent from new email subscribers
  • When and how the GDPR applies to your business
  • How to use your email marketing tools to comply
  • How can you grow your list safely going forward
  • What you need to add to your privacy policy
  • WHY YOU ABSOLUTELY need a privacy policy..as in please STOP reading this now and get thee once ASAP if you don’t have one on your website/landing page
  • The new definition of “children” online
  • The new rights that you need to be aware of: the right to be forgotten and to have a copy of one’s data upon request

Do not skip over this episode — please!! 



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