Hi, I’m attorney Brittany Ratelle, and I help online business owners get legally legit. Today I’m going to teach you the 4 must-have legal requirements for your website. These four documents will get your website legally legit, protected, and ready to move forward and help you in your business.      4 must-have legal requirements […]

4 Must-Have Legal Requirements for Your Website

These 4 documents are an absolute must for people to take your online business seriously.
How to get your online business prepared for 2023 | Creative Counsel Podcast with Attorney Brittany Ratelle


How to get your online business prepared for 2023: Privacy law updates, legit subscription practices, and critical contracts for modern entrepreneurs. Worried about recession rumors? Want to get your online or creative business as resilient as it can be? Business attorney Brittany Ratelle guides you through the most important things you can change in your […]

How to get your online business prepared for 2023


Dive in with two savvy internet attorneys in sharing the need-to-know tips for online business owners who want to grow their businesses in the ever-changing digital frontier.   Special guest Richard Chapo, a California-based Internet attorney who has helped the Who’s Who of internet businesses, shares his tips to help understand what is going on with […]

Being Legal Online with Richard Chapo

Being Legal Online with Richard Chapo | Law and Wit episode 25 | Brittany Ratelle - Attorney for creative entrepreneurs
Law and Wit Episode 19 - brittanyratelle.com


Get the 6-step plan to legalize your indie e-commerce site or Etsy shop so you can run your online product business with confidence and avoid the most common legal mistakes of small business e-retailers.   Creative Counsel Episode 19 In this episode, You will learn If you should Incorporate or register your business (refers to […]

Law and Wit Episode 19: Legalize your E-commerce Site in 6 Steps


You get TWO awesome attorneys dishing on how legal can help your brand stay on-brand and afloat during the highs and lows of modern business. Learn about how intellectual property, good contracts, and good business “marriages” can keep your creative biz safe   In this episode, you will learn Where to start and get yourself […]

Law and Wit Episode 16: Using Legal to Stay on Brand with Attorney Caroline J. Fox

Law and Wit episode 16: Using Legal to stay on-brand with attorney caroline J. Fox with Brittany Ratelle - creative counsel for entrepreneurs | brittanyratelle.com
GDPR for online entrepreneurs - 5 step guide from Law and Wit podcast


How does the GDPR apply to an US-based business operating online? Find out in this no-nonsense 5-step guide to getting your online activities compliant before the May 25th deadline. Learn why the GDPR matters to you, even if you are a US-based business and how to avoid paying some of the hefty fines involved with […]

Law and Wit Episode 15: GDPR for Online Entrepreneurs – 5 Step Guide