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How to get your online business prepared for 2023

Nov 7, 2022

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How to get your online business prepared for 2023: Privacy law updates, legit subscription practices, and critical contracts for modern entrepreneurs. Worried about recession rumors? Want to get your online or creative business as resilient as it can be? Business attorney Brittany Ratelle guides you through the most important things you can change in your business to help set up business boundaries and protect your profits and peace. 

In this episode: 

  • what do you actually need in your website footer
  • what are the new privacy laws in 2023 and do they matter if you’re a smaller website
  • what is negative option marketing and how can you avoid it 
  • why did Vonage and ABC Mouse get into trouble with the FTC
  • what is the best practice for cancellation for a subscription business
  • what are the most important contracts for a service business
  • what should be in a good client service agreement
  • how old blog post photos could cost you money and how to fix them
  • are those copyright infringement scary letters real for real
  • what’s a business prenup and how can it protect your “business marriage”
  • how you can create a real business boundary
  • 1099s v. employees
  • What to watch out for when you’re growing a team
  •  When to use a model release
  • How to do a giveaway the right way


“I don’t believe in fearmongering. I do believe in preparation and I also believe in opportunity.”

“The ability to self-confront and to be able to challenge yourself and to be able to work through these issues is a really important critical skill for a business partner.”


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Contract Templates mentioned in this episode:

  1. Website BUNDLE
  2. Client Service Agreement

  3. Operating Agreement
  4. Independent Contractor Agreement
  5. Giveaway/promotions bundle
  6. Model Release


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