Sales tips for Women with Sales Rockstar Erika Tebbens

Mar 17, 2022

Coaching, Female Business Owners

Sales Tips for Women

Does the thought of “selling” make you feel sleazy and leave you feeling like you need a shower? You’re not alone! It’s actually quite common for creative entrepreneurs, and even more so for female entrepreneurs to struggle with the thought of sales. Follow these sales tips for women and connect with your prospective buyers.


If you struggle with the idea of selling, you’re going to love the message that guest Erika Tebbens has to share—selling can be simple, authentic, and leave you feeling good with money in your pocket. And, you can be a selling rockstar! Tune in to listen to Erika Tebbens give her top sales tips for women-owned businesses


Creative Counsel Episode 52


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Erika fell in love with selling and teaching other women sales tips and creating a great customer experience.
  • The four-step system that Erika teaches clients so they can sell more without feeling dirty doing it.
  • How to get noticed by being your crazy, quirky, authentic self (or quiet, laid-back self if that’s more your style).
  • What you can do to build trust with your audience.
  • Why you need to work towards working smarter instead of harder (hint, hint – outsourcing comes into play here).

Helpful Resources

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Books mentioned:


“I’ve worked corporate retail and small business retail and direct sales and I’ve woven the common themes throughout each of them that are so essential to really good selling and customer service and now I teach that to other women.”


“I knew that my faith was bigger than my fear. And, I knew that if other people had figured it out that I would be able to figure it out too. It was just a matter of staying in the game long enough to see that success.”

“When you’re so close to your own stuff, it’s hard to see opportunities that you may be missing or small tweaks you can make that would make your life easier.


“Everyone has something amazing to offer and by being too afraid to share it, you’re keeping it from the people that need it most.”


Erika Tebbens is a Lord of the Rings lovin’, coffee drinking, teenager mama and all-around spunky entrepreneur. She’s not about the labels, but if she was you could call her a business coach, consultant, strategist or selling superstar. She’s paired her passion for helping women succeed at growing their businesses with the knowledge she’s gained from working corporate retail, small business retail and direct sales to create an incredible consulting business of her own – and she drops ALL kinds of knowledge and sales tips in this episode


A few areas to consider outsourcing early on include:

  • Legal (hint, hint! You know a pretty fun lawyer!!)
  • Accounting
  • Social media
  • Graphic design



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