How to start (and fix) business partnerships with Sara Urquhart

How to start (and fix) your business partnership with Sara Urquhart

Nov 9, 2022

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Join me and seasoned entrepreneur Sara Urquhart as we share stories (good and bad) about business partnerships and give you the tips you need to make smart business partnership decisions. Sarah spells out the critical questions that you should ask yourself when you are deciding whether to go solo, or bring on a partner, and how to navigate changing roles, expectations, and life events that can threaten successful business partnerships. If you are in a business partnership (or planning on being in one!) and ESPECIALLY if you are going into business with friends, or family, don’t miss this deep dive episode!


In this episode:

Why a lot of female founders think they “need” a business partner and how to overcome it

What you should look for in a good business partner

How to evaluate business partnership compatibility

How to use dynamic equity to make business partnerships more fair

How to structure more peaceful partnership check-ins

What intellectual property issues need to be addressed between business partners early in the “business marriage”

What’s a “business prenup” and why do you need one

+++ more!

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