Law and Wit Episode 18 - 3 Tips to Find your authentic voice with Rosemary Card of Q.Noor

Law and Wit Episode 18: 3 Tips to Find your Authentic Voice with Rosemary Card of Q.Noor

Jun 15, 2018


3 Tips to Find your Authentic Voice with Rosemary Card of Q.Noor

Get inspired by runway model-turned-retail CEO Rosemary Card who has successfully launched her own clothing store that empowers and enlightens women.


Rosemary shares her story of moving to NYC to model in high fashion at age 16 and her journey of self-discovery and grit in launching her own retail brand of LDS temple dresses without any capital, fashion degree or e-commerce experience.


She shares her secrets for connecting to customers, picking a meaningful AND strategic brand name when you have existing competitors, and gives 3 actionable tips for finding your own authentic voice.


Creative Counsel Episode 18


In this episode, you’ll learn

  • How to NOT get hosed by your fulfillment partners
  • The 3 tips for finding your own authentic voice, even in the fashion industry
  • How to handle critics, even well-meaning ones, who don’t think you have the credentials for your business idea
  • Why textiles and sourcing can be tricky (e.g. why white fabric is super hard to make dresses from!!)
  • How Rosie jumped to a brick-and-mortar store
  • The ONE thing that will make you more relatable

Episode Links


Rosie’s book: Model Mormon – Fighting for Self-Worth on the Runway and as an Independent Woman

Full Transcript HERE.


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