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Being Legal Online with Richard Chapo

Oct 29, 2018

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Dive in with two savvy internet attorneys in sharing the need-to-know tips for online business owners who want to grow their businesses in the ever-changing digital frontier.


Special guest Richard Chapo, a California-based Internet attorney who has helped the Who’s Who of internet businesses, shares his tips to help understand what is going on with privacy, copyright, and the “splinternet” concept of legal zones online.

Creative Counsel Episode 25


In this episode, you’ll learn

  • Why you need to care about the GDPR
  • What California is up to in the internet privacy world
  • Can’t you use a “little bit” of commercial music in your stuff?
  • How different countries view privacy and what that can mean for doing business in a global economy
  • Why using a default template that came with your website platform is probably a bad idea!! (do you know what IS a good idea? using an attorney-reviewed website bundle to get your site legit like the one available at creativecontracts.co Use CODE: LAWANDWIT to get 10% off (shhh…special secret code just for my valuable listeners like YOU!!)

Episode Links

Richard Chapo – SoCal Internet Lawyer

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