Top 10 mistakes to avoid when starting a business

Mar 16, 2022


Do you want to start a business? Or have you started and WISHED you could skip over some of those mistakes that other entrepreneurs have tripped over? Tune in to hear the 10 mistakes to avoid when starting a business.


This is one of those killer episodes that summarizes HUNDREDS of conversations I’ve had with other business owners to give you the BEST fighting chance of thriving, not just surviving, in your business.

Creative Counsel Episode 51



Mistakes to Avoid when Starting a Business

  • What a “jobby” is and why you probably don’t want one
  • The truth about impostor syndrome
  • The cold-hard truth about access to resources
  • The #1 business book you should be reading RIGHT NOW
  • How to not let your ego get in the way of success


Don’t miss this deep dive into 10 AMAZING business lessons I have learned about working one-on-one with entrepreneurs just like you. Learn from others and avoid these mistakes when starting your business!



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