How does the GDPR apply to an US-based business operating online? Find out in this no-nonsense 5-step guide to getting your online activities compliant before the May 25th deadline. Learn why the GDPR matters to you, even if you are a US-based business and how to avoid paying some of the hefty fines involved with […]

Law and Wit Episode 15: GDPR for Online Entrepreneurs – 5 Step Guide

GDPR for online entrepreneurs - 5 step guide from Law and Wit podcast


Want to know how what a kill fee is? Or how you protect your right to display creative work in your portfolio? This episode¬†explains the ten most important contract terms that you can’t afford NOT to know, no matter what you do as a creative small business owner or indie entrepreneur.   Trade those shrugs […]

Law and Wit Ep. 13: Ten must-know contract terms for creatives