Dive in with¬†two savvy internet attorneys in sharing the need-to-know tips for online business owners who want to grow their businesses in the ever-changing digital frontier.   Special guest Richard Chapo, a California-based Internet attorney who has helped the Who’s Who of internet businesses, shares his tips to help understand what is going on with […]

Being Legal Online with Richard Chapo

Being Legal Online with Richard Chapo | Law and Wit episode 25 | Brittany Ratelle - Attorney for creative entrepreneurs
Legal Tips for Life Coaches Blog Post


Coaching has exploded across the internet with the rise of better video chat software and coaches are selling their expertise and support in dozens of areas. However, remote or virtual coaching in any subject matter puts you squarely in the frontier of unlicensed and unregulated personal services. Savvy coaches should protect their reputation, their business […]

5 Legal Tips for Life Coaches