Whether you are an influencer/content creator or brand, dig into the 6 terms you must have spelled-out in a good sponsored content contract for an influencer marketing campaign.¬†   Creative Counsel Episode 17¬†   In This Episode, You will learn What homework you need to do before you get into influencer marketing Payment/compensation language you […]

Law and Wit Episode 17: Six Must-Haves for a Solid Influencer Marketing Agreement

6 Must-Haves for a Solid Influencer Marketing Agreement
Law and Wit episode 16: Using Legal to stay on-brand with attorney caroline J. Fox with Brittany Ratelle - creative counsel for entrepreneurs | brittanyratelle.com


You get TWO awesome attorneys dishing on how legal can help your brand stay on-brand and afloat during the highs and lows of modern business. Learn about how intellectual property, good contracts, and good business “marriages” can keep your creative biz safe   In this episode, you will learn Where to start and get yourself […]

Law and Wit Episode 16: Using Legal to Stay on Brand with Attorney Caroline J. Fox


Learn how to make your podcast legally legit with this digestible info session on trademarks and branding, copyright, using music, having guests, and working with co-hosts.   Don’t feel overwhelmed as a podcaster or worse — delay starting or growing your podcast because YOU don’t have the tips and tricks to confidently move your business […]

Law and Wit Episode 14 – 8 Tips to Get your Podcast Legit

8 tips to get your podcast legit


Want to know how what a kill fee is? Or how you protect your right to display creative work in your portfolio? This episode¬†explains the ten most important contract terms that you can’t afford NOT to know, no matter what you do as a creative small business owner or indie entrepreneur.   Trade those shrugs […]

Law and Wit Ep. 13: Ten must-know contract terms for creatives


In this episode, Miranda, a maker, adventurer, creative mama, and the blogger behind Live Free Creative Company shares her tips on creating space for creativity and ultimately living a more creative and intentional lifestyle.   Miranda explains how a nurse educator became a maker — then a blogger – and then a content creator for […]

Law and Wit Episode 12: Creating Space for Creativity with Miranda Anderson of Live Free Creative

Creating Space for Creativity with Miranda Anderson of Live Free Creative
What to do when people steal your stuff


Mad about copy-cats, rip-offs and digital thieves? Get some clarity and a step-by-step action guide for handling creative theft. Creative Counsel Episode 11 In this episode, you will learn about What is “copying” and what is just “inspired by” How to shift your mindset so that copying affects you LESS The 6-step plan to addressing […]

Law and Wit Episode 11: What to do when people copy your stuff


I know that seems like a bit of SEO stuffing in that title but WOW — you HAVE to listen to this episode. Amazing stuff. Noelle, who I happened to know before she shot up the creative corporate ladder, does a big reveal on what it is like to manage a global luxury brand — […]

Law and Wit Episode 9: How to Manage your Brand like the Pros – Lessons from Noelle Nicolai, Corporate Brand Strategist for Global Luxury Brands

Law and Wit Episode 9 - how to manage your brand like the pros with Noelle Nicolai


Join me in this SPECIAL interview with the branding boss babe herself — Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show. Get down with Alison — the girl who gave herself her own “show” and turned it into a highly engaging (and profitable) personal brand.   Alison started as a blogger, creative, maker, and hostess extraordinaire — […]

Law and Wit: Ep. 7: Forging an Awesome Brand with Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show


This podcast helps creative entrepreneurs and influencers confidently grow and scale their modern brands — navigating the business side of content creation, influencer marketing, social media, e-commerce, and digital products.   A legal bestie for female entrepreneurs, Brittany, a licensed attorney and entrepreneur herself, serves up tidbits of law and wit that are digestible and […]

Law and Wit Podcast – Episode 4: The 5 Legal Docs You Need on your Website


Welcome to Law and Wit: Creative Counsel for Entrepreneurs, with Brittany Ratelle. This podcast helps creative entrepreneurs and influencers confidently OWN and GROW their modern businesses.   Natasha McLean of Canary Jane, an illustrator, coloring book author, blogger and social media consultant shares her creative origin story and how to cultivate confidence and creativity for […]

Law and Wit Podcast – Episode 2: Cultivating Creativity and Confidence with Natashia McLean of Canary Jane